Danny Smith was born in Wallingford in the county of Oxfordshire and this is where he lived until leaving school at age 16, having achieved a GCSE 'O' Level pass in Drama. Dan then joined a professional touring theatre company based in Walsall, West Midlands and spent the next couple of years touring Britain and living in Walsall, in a communal house with the other members of the group. He later joined Heart and Soul a theatre company who produce the Beautiful Octopus Club which is based in Deptford, London. Dan then began living in the Sandford Walk housing co-op which is in New Cross, London. He lived there for 8 years, living independently (for the main part) again in a shared house. He moved back to Oxford a couple of years ago in order to be closer to his family and friends living there.

Danny thinks of his self as a role model for other disabled people who are seeking an independent life. Dan has added some links to recent film works produced in conjunction with Film Oxford and Shadow Light Artists, including: "Time for Change", which was screened in 2017 at the prestigious Sprout Film Festival which is held in New York. Danny is presently working on his latest film with artist and dancer Roly Carline.

If you are interested in buying Dan's art, or in working with Dan, you can contact him through the links provided on the Contacts Page